The month of July passed by in a blur without posting anything, trust me it wasn’t intentional.I’d still apologize for leaving this space empty..Did you notice that this is a different space!
You may not know that the blog clocked a year last month and to celebrate, i wanted a new face for the blog ,which signifies my new and strong commitment to this work God called me to,this however led to this post coming late.. Hey, better late than never..right?

Little beginnings! such strong words with a deep meaning to me, most likely because i have experienced it countless times.Let’s take this obvious example, i started a blog without planning to, it just happened that one day, i heard him say ‘start a blog’ and so i experimented and then after a day i deleted it ?..i mean how could i be a blogger,it’s not on my list, how do i start, how do i get people to read, bla bla bla …Here i am!
Zechariah 4:10 Does any one dare despise this day of small beginnings(The Message Version)

Many people reading this having at least one thing they really want to do but they ask the question, how do i get from point A to point B. Well those people you admire got to point B from a point A and so you can’t just leap! So get that confidence and plunge in!

Personally i enjoy thinking of my little beginning, remembering the struggles I went through at every phase in life and where i am now, makes me appreciative of all God has done for me.
In the light of all this, I’m grateful for the past year, I’m still grateful for this season I’m going through and i look forward to that glorious end and that’s what motivates me but while on this journey, I’m going to love every bit of my beginning, middle and end!
So what’s stopping you from plunging into that dream career, business , blog, fashion line etc. The days of little beginnings are indeed your defining moments?

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