Bunmi and Tito are classmates, you could call them friends if you like, they had to submit an assignment. When Bunmi got a glimpse of Tito’s assignment, she was impressed with herself because she had more pages than Tito and so content with that , she submitted, after all she did more than her friend, there must have been a guideline for the assignment but it didn’t matter.

This scenario may not be the exact way it happens for everyone but I’m trying to bring something out and I hope you can see it already.

It is natural and in fact somewhat logical to compare yourself with others. Well I fall prey to it occasionally and I’m learning how to compare myself with a different standard.

Comparison follows two paths:

1) it makes you insecure and then you begin to struggle unnecessarily within yourself wondering why other people seem to have it better than you, well that traps you in the sin of envy.

2) it makes you content with that little success at being better than others, when you can have much more than that

I can’t even decide which one hurts the most but the outcome of both is the same…regret.

The message version of the Bible made it simple

Galatians 6:4-5 Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given and then sink yourself into that.Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your life

We shouldn’t place human beings as our Gold standard,yes we can have role models, who can inspire  us to be better at what our hands have found to do. Its a form of motivation but measuring your life side by side with another does more harm.

Can I recommend a better standard for you, if you aspire to do everything the way he does, you can never get life wrong

1 Corinthians 11:1  Pattern yourselves after me, as I imitate and follow christ

God is saying, allow me to be your guide, the one you look to when making decisions, comparing yourself with others will only take you where they are or worse still ,on a path that is not yours. For I know the plans i have for you and they are plans to show your uniqueness.

So let me be your light to the path of greatness

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  1. Id says:

    Thanks and God bless you for this important message.

    1. Olamide says:

      Thank you, Amen ☺

  2. Folasade says:

    A lesson worth taking to heart?…thanks Doc?

  3. Ajibola says:

    Nice Biblical research. ‘They that compare themselves to others are not wise’ Each person is unique with a unique race to run! Rather than engaging in unhealthy comparison,rivalry and envy, we all need to learn how to set personal goals and targets for ourselves and work hard towards actualizing them. A student for instance may set a target of scoring distinctions in all of his/her subjects. Actualizing this target could make d student d best in his/her class without envying or comparing himself/herself to others.

    1. Olamide says:

      Thanks for that ☺

  4. dejiojo says:

    comparisons could be necessary if with a good motive as rightly stated.
    keypoint: look up to God for direction

    1. Olamide says:

      Thanks for the pointer ☺

  5. Yeside says:

    Thanks….this is so relatable.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This write up is so educative

    1. Olamide says:

      Thank you so much ?

  7. Bolaji Oyelade says:

    Olamide, that was a cute & clear biblical principle. Well done & God bless.

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