The process of waiting is not a time most people enjoy, everything is easier when it happens when we want it to, our own appointed time is the best time. When we wait, it feels like a setback and it’s hard to believe what we are expecting will come to pass.

At those times, you try to remember the promises of God and it seems as though he’s not fulfilling them, I’ve felt this way countless times and I’ve learnt that waiting is part of the process and what you do with that period determines what you’ll reflect back on.
I guess that’s why I love this song, you ought to know by now that this artist is one of my favorite. This is a song by Travis Greene ft Chandler Moore, just read through and let the words speak to you , however I’d advise that you listen to it while reading.

While I’m waiting

What my eyes can’t see I still believe
Everything spoken to me
There’s no word that can come back void
I will trust the report of the Lord
God is not a man that he should lie
Every need he will supply
I will wait, I will not be moved
I believe, I believe, I will trust in you
While I’m waiting, I’m getting stronger
My faith is rising and I will run on
While I’m waiting, I’m lifting up on wings as eagles
I believe, I will trust in you
Oh…I believe, I will trust in you
I will run and I will not be weary
I will walk and I will not faint
I will rise up on wings as eagles
I believe, I believe, I will trust in you
I still believe, I still believe, I still believe what my eyes can’t see.

That’s the best part of faith, believing what you can’t see, whatever it is you’re trusting God for, just hold on to his word, listen to his instructions and carry them out. Trust in God and you’ll see how this period of waiting will make you stronger for the real deal when it arrives.

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  1. Betty says:

    it’s amazing, you know, I’ve literally played this song every single day for the past how many days now? uhhh, I don’t even know. it has been on repeat. The words are reassuring and soothing, a great reminder for us all as we keep holding on to the Faith we profess.
    keep leaning on Jesus.
    This one got me super excited, thank you.

    1. Olamide says:

      Same here! Yeah that’s the important thing, thank you šŸ™‚

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