Letters to God

Hello beautiful people, I am Olamide Adetola and this is something new for me, it’s a big step from just writing in my personal journal and now am going public!

A few of you may have seen the movie”Letters to God” by David Nixon released in 2010…if you haven’t, I recommend you do!


It inspired me to start writing letters to God in my journal and just recently I decided to share with you. I hope to use this platform to share a couple of my experiences and also to get new insight from you.

I’ll be referring to my improvised blog planner (which is a gift from my friends), I’ll also make mention of my journal a couple of times but I’ll be referring to my Bible a lot of times (The message version)

I hope to work on the first letter after my exam on Thursday…So Welcome on board and have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. Bassey Etim says:

    Hi Olamide! Its nice meeting you here. And yes I have seen your recommended movie, letters to God and I too think it was an awesome thing for that little boy to teach an entire community such faith in God even in times of trials. Thanks for visiting my blog; walking with God Everyday, its also like my own dairy of God’s dealings in my life. I hope to visit you again and be engulfed in your posts!

    For now, keep shining and do remain blessed!

    1. Olamide says:

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate the encouraging words

      1. Bassey Etim says:

        hehehehe…..we are God’s one big happy family here! You are welcome all the same.

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