The word wait is one many of us do not want to hear but in reality we would have to hear it at some points in our lives. The process of waiting is equally as important as getting the intended desire, however we all react to this process differently. The first lie of the situation is the feeling that you’re the only person who has to wait before things work out but the good news is that you’re not.
To clear the air, we all agree that the period of waiting is a tasking one. We also agree that it is not as easy as it seems when we’re advising friends in their waiting period, we experience it and see that it’s indeed tough.A few people would be sharing with us how they get through waiting, emphasis being that it’s personal and each person has a unique process God is taking them through.

Speaker 1 : Waiting is a difficult process and humanly speaking it’s hard to hold on to God’s word, pray, praise and meditate when things are not going well, I struggle with those things even when life is rosy, now imagine when it seems like God has gone on a vacation in my life. For me, I project into the future, telling myself this time next year, it would have passed. I also talk to close friends who encourage and pray for me. Sometimes it’s difficult to pray so I just listen to music and make silent whispers to God.

Speaker 2 : Firstly, I must say that I have never dealt with it perfectly, but I remember the last major unbelievable thing God did for me and tell myself he can do it again. I pray weird prayers that spell out my frustration, telling him explicitly how I feel. I find things to keep me busy ,that keeps my mind off it and convinces me that it’s only a short time to wait. I use the trick that if I get through this week, it will happen and it becomes easier. I talk to people who encourage me, usually the worship services gives me strength to keep going each week. I chant God’s promises to myself, some include ALL THINGS WORK OUT FOR MY GOOD ALWAYS, NO GOOD THING WILL GOD WITHHOLD FROM HIS PEOPLE. Finally when I get the request, I celebrate God and replay the events to strengthen myself for the next waiting period.

Speaker 3: Waiting makes you think something is wrong. The way out is renewing your mind with the word of God [Lamentations 3:25-26;Jeremiah 29:11]. Even when I can’t pray, I say the words over and over. I also get busy with something else and finally praise God like he has done it.

Speaker 4 : The waiting period is inevitable even though I don’t like it. I relate waiting with the storm and I wonder why it has not been calmed after several declarations but I have come to know that SOMETIMES GOD CALMS THE STORM, SOMETIMES HE’LL RISE ABOVE IT CARRYING US ALONG. So I pray about it and let it go, I listen to sermons related to waiting and also listen to spirit lifting music e.g praise you in the storm by Casting crown, oceans by Hillsong. I also surround myself with like minded people going through similar situations to build ourselves up. In summary, while waiting, trust God and do good.

Speaker 5 : Irrespective of the challenges, God made me understand that without Joy I can’t receive anything. Joy is like the rope and bucket used to draw up water from the wellspring of your redemptive benefits. I share my testimonies because we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of his testimonies, so I hold on to what he has done in the past and speak with faith, I get ready for the miracle because it can happen sooner than I expect and I never give up until I win.

As important and joyful as the news of the birth of a newborn, more important is the period of expectation and the time of waiting. How do you carry yourself during your waiting period? As a pregnant woman gets ready by buying clothes, preparing the nursery in anticipation of the birth, so as children of God, who are trusting him, there is a lot to prepare. You must know the process God is taking you through, sometimes it requires a fight, other times he just wants you to be still. So as hard as it may seem, enjoy the period of waiting!

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  1. NOBSAVVY says:

    Timely. Kudos…

    1. Olamide says:

      Thank God 🙂

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